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Our Mission

The Opportunity Initiative is dedicated to transforming financial health across America. By introducing individuals and families to the compassionate, people-first solutions offered by community development financial institutions (CDFIs), minority depository institutions (MDIs), credit unions, and other nonprofits, we aim to create a lasting impact.

Our Approach

Immediate Assistance: We connect those in financial distress with timely and effective resources to address their urgent needs.


Rebuilding Trust: We help consumers who have had negative experiences with traditional banking by guiding them towards trustworthy, community-focused financial institutions.

Our Team

The Opportunity Initiative is a national economic mobility strategy created by technology, media and community development leaders in the field of financial wellness.

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Clifford Rosenthal

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Opportunity Initiative is guided by social impact leaders who share our mission of breaking down barriers to economic mobility.

Our Funders

What we hear from every organization supporting The Opportunity Initiative is, “How could we not?”

We invite you to join these funders helping us to change lives. Get in touch to learn more. 

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