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Opportunity Knocks

Image of Opportunity Knocks logo and three coaches

Opportunity Knocks public television series is the outreach arm of The Opportunity Initiative. 

This Telly and Anthem Awards-winning show is designed to reduce the shame of financial challenges and increase opportunities for the 40% of Americans living on survival budgets.


Each season, Opportunity Knocks shows six new families a different way forward by pairing them with renowned financial experts Jean Chatzky, Patrice Washington and Louis Barajas to take control of their finances by providing them – and viewers – with actionable advice, tools and community resources.

How it Works

becu square.jpg

The organization is featured providing a much needed financial solution for the family

OKS 003_Jean working with Hannah and Jul
OF screen.png

The family uses The Opportunity Finder to connect them to a local CDFI or not-for-profit

The families are selected and partnered with their celebrity coach

Nicole (El Paso) 800x603.jpg

The coaches help them understand their financial situation and steps to improve it

Why Partner With Us

Unmatched National Exposure

Opportunity Knocks is broadcast nationwide on PBS and streams on PBS Passport, reaching millions of viewers. By featuring your organization, you’ll gain invaluable visibility and recognition as a leader in the fight for economic mobility.

Showcase Your Impact

Our show follows real families as they navigate financial challenges with the help of organizations like yours. By spotlighting your CDFI, MDI, or non-profit, we will highlight the tangible impact of your work, showcasing your commitment to empowering individuals and families.

Build Trust and Awareness

Many Americans face financial hardships and distrust traditional banking institutions. By demonstrating the compassionate, people-first approach of your organization, you can build trust and awareness among a broad audience, encouraging more people to seek out your services.

I never really knew the difference between a credit union and a bank... now I'm a believer.
Michelle Moore, Opportunity Knocks Season 1 participant

In this Season 1 clip, Michelle learns how Suncoast Credit Union is able to lower her interest rates and save her $300 a month.

Get Involved

We invite you to join us in changing lives. Connect with us to receive more information and/or schedule a meeting. 

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